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Recent News As Of 5/30/2017

2017-04-11 01:51:23 by AustinJayCook

Hey Guys! So This is my current portfolio as of Now and needless to say im very happy with the results! I have been able to work with many great animators who put their hearts and souls into producing quality work! All the works iv done here can be seen below and for any business inqueries feel free to contact me through here, on twitter, or anywhere that there is a possibility! 

Hope you guys have a great next few weeks expect alot of new stuff in the upcoming future ;)

Also Everyone go check out the guy and gal who did my profile pics!





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2017-07-27 18:59:05

Fabulous! What are you working on now?

AustinJayCook responds:

Lots of different VA work dude got soem sexy shit coming up, keep an eye out for soem stuff :D