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Thats a handsome voice right there, audio quality is clear, the vocal range is strong, and not only do you enunciate amazingly but your statements are so Chrystal clear enough to sing like doves from the heavens!!!!!!!! .............. also #Memeboi420blazeit#hashtagsaregey

Audio is smooth as a babies butthole!!! Keep it up dude!

Not bad, a little bit of echo but overall the voices were good. You stayed in character very well and the audio didnt peak at all, along with great enunciation! Keep it up make sure to do vocal exersises to help your voice sound 10000000% clearer when recording!

Bludphart responds:

Thanks man! I've never done something like this before, so it's definitely a learning experience. I appreciate the input!

Im with it :D good sound and alot of fun, good stuff

willcamick responds:

Thank you =)

Power rangers baby :D

oldmanorange responds:

Yeah Buddy!

Not bad dude, your audio quality wassnt too bad, if i could say i would suggest a better microphone. On top of that you vocal range is a little stiff, mayhaps try some vocal warmups and look up videos on becoming a voice actor.

Good luck and keep up the great work

BogdyTV responds:

Thank you kindly. I'll see what I can do.

So much fun with you guys, i do talk alot but i had a great time hope to be back again soon :3

oldmanorange responds:

Bound to happen, but yah, you will have to come on the show again soon. Good times to be had.

great stuff guys!!!!!

Not bad dude :D very lord of the rings esc :D

Evil-Iron responds:

Why thank you :)

Boi killing it yet again :D rapping is awesome beat is simple and fun, and most of all overall happy to hear you rap again :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Much appreciated! :D

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